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Mobile Internet Consumption Is Growing Exponentially

Mobile device use is increasing fast

Once there was the computer. It was big, bulky, slow and not something you want to use all that often. But gradually technology improved and computers went mainstream. Then they got smaller. Then they got faster. Then they got better.

Technology moves extraordinarily fast in the online and computing space. Since the days of those huge computers technology has seen enormous leaps forward that have produced products such as the laptop and the mobile device.

Consumers can now hold a computer in the palm of their hand that is more powerful than massive computers were a decade or two ago, more convenient to use, relatively cheap and extraordinarily useful.

As a result there has been an explosion in mobile use. And this is not just mobile phones, other mobile devices such as tablets and laptops are also showing exponential growth in use and mobile devices are now overtaking desktops in numbers used.

In fact it is now estimated that there are roughly the same number of mobile devices in use today as there are people. It’s estimated that there are around 7 billion mobile devices on the planet, roughly the same as the number of people.

Technological improvements in a whole range of areas have been responsible for this trend. Of course the ability to produce memory on smaller and smaller chips is a huge part of this, however other technological advancements such as improvements in data delivery speeds, for example through the 4G network, have meant that it is now entirely possible, for people with good connections, to stream videos and to watch movies in the palm of their hand. (more…)

How Big Is The Internet?

And how big can the Internet get?

Have you ever wondered how big the Internet is? Have you ever wondered how big the Internet is ever going to get? If so it’s a question that has been on the minds of many people.

So let’s take a look at how big the Internet is and where it might go.

Of course it’s never all that easy to get exact figures on these types of things and it’s probably unlikely that exact figures even exist, no one really knows for certain. However there have been various people who have attempted to work it out.

As recently as the year 2013 there have been a number of estimates of the size of the Internet. Specifically how many websites there are.

And of course before you measure anything you have to define it.

Everyone knows what a website is don’t they? Well not necessarily. For instance despite the fact that there are lots of live websites there are also lots of dead websites. And every single day new websites start up and others die. So it’s very difficult to make any sort of accurate analysis.

However according to one of the experts there were, in 2013, 759 million websites on the web, in total. (more…)

How To Find What You Want On Google

The Internet is an extraordinary resource. Just about everything you could ever want to know is available on the Internet and most of it is for free. It is, in fact, the most extraordinary information resources in the history of the world. Never before has there been such a collection of knowledge all in one place, mostly for free, and searchable.

Even the world’s most enormous library couldn’t begin to compete with the Internet on the amount of information available in it, and would certainly be much more difficult to use.

However without a good search engine the Internet is almost impossible to use. A search engine is the index of the Internet. The search engine gives you access to the Internet in a way that no other technology can.

Just imagine the Internet with no search engine. How would you find anything that you wanted? How would you find your way around?

And whilst there are many search engines the biggest of these is Google. Google processes more searches every single day than all the other search engines combined.

So to find something you just jump on Google, type in a keyword and you’re good to go right? Well yes, to an extent, however to actually find the specific information that you require can sometimes take a few more specifics. You can use Google search operators. An operator is something that you can add to a Google search to give special instructions to Google to return specific results. (more…)